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The design of the legendary 233 Formula hasn’t changed much, however the structural integrity has. The original Formulas were built for speed with stern-drives but today’s owners demand greater strength, extra deck space and twin engine fit-ups.



The golden child in our fleet… The brand new 233 Formula Platinum. Don’t be fooled everything below the gunwales is the same as the tried and tested 233 Formula Classic, a boat that can truly handle anything mother nature has offer. Everything above the gunwales is new in this weapon.

There’s no debating the blue-water credentials of the Offshore, with the time-honoured 22-degree hull and flared bow. The factory has made a number of changes including an extended keel-line to where the pod used to end, giving the boat 6.20m length as buoyancy in the rear.

“Carbon-fibre wave-breaker, twin outboards and a rockin’ sound system – sign me up, baby!”

The Captain Magazine

“There’s no debating the blue-water credentials of the Edencraft Offshore, with the time- honoured 22-degree hull and flared bow.”

The Captain Magazine

“The twins offer more stability and agility in turns, not to mention the safety benefits.”


“The first thing you notice is the boat’s agility, and in this respect it leaves some of its competitors for dead.”

TrailerBoat Magazine