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Peak behind the curtain at Edencraft International and see what it means to own, build & ride the legendary Edencraft 233 Formulas.

Filmed in 2016, Season One of ETV follows the team across Australia as they take the new Edencraft 233 Platinum out on the road, bumping into a few old friends along the way. You’ll go behind the scenes at that factory with an all-access pass to see exactly how these legendary boats are built. And you’ll hear from various owners as we showcase our proud Edencraft Family.

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Episode 8

We hit the Sydney International Boat Show for a huge five days of showcasing the very best Edencraft has to offer to the masses! Hard work, a few well-earned drinks and a visit from our friends at Transtyle & Lone Star...

Tune in to the season one finale of Edencraft TV to jump on board one of our amazing boats. The 6.0m Offshore, 233 Formula Classic and 233 Formula Platinum models are all on show!

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Episode 7

We introduce our latest Edencraft Family Member - Matt Porter. He takes us on board his 233 and shares the unbelievable coincidence behind his purchase of the boat!

In the sheds, Chris and the team take the boat through the final stages of fit-out, including custom stainless and the installation of twin Mercury 300HP V8's on our 233 Formula Platinum.

And on the water, Joel heads out to Lakes Entrance chasing swordfish in some less-than-ideal conditions!

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Episode 6

Introducing one of our favourite customers - Michael Lynch.

From purchasing the first Edencraft 6.0m to leave the factory under the Maher family ownership, to becoming close friends and a starring role in Edencraft TV - it's been quite the journey!

In the sheds, our team are busy fitting out the electronics on board the latest legend to leave the factory. And on the water, the boys continue their search for a big tuna...this time off Port Fairy.

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Episode 5

We introduce another Edencraft family member Marc who shares the story of his 6.0m Offshore legend.

On the water, the boys go hunting for a barrel off Apollo Bay and in the sheds the team provide behind the scenes access to the sanding & flow-coating stages of manufacturing!

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Episode 4

The boys goes BIG, chasing tuna, kingies and samson fish off the South Australian coast.

We also hear from one of our loved Edencraft family members who recounts the story behind his purchase of an Edencraft 6.0m Offshore. And in the sheds, the manufacturing team are hard at work finishing the glasswork in preparation for flow-coating.

Plenty happening in another week at Edencraft International!

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Episode 3

It’s the girls turn to get out on the water as the lovely ladies of the Edencraft team try their hand at fishing!

In the factory, the boys are working hard on the new 233 Platinum, and in this episode we see them foam filling, installing the floor and marrying the deck to the hull.

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Edencraft TV

Episode 2

Meet Grant, who explains how he went from buying an Edencraft boat to buying the whole business!

On the water, the boys get away for a little trip as they use their Edencraft's for their intended purpose - escaping offshore and leaving your worries behind!

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Edencraft TV

Episode 1

Meet some of the Edencraft team, see the early stages of manufacturing up close, learn the history of the legendary 233 Formula hull, and even find time to chase whiting off Tumby Bay, SA!

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Premiering Tuesday August 6th, 2019. Peak behind the curtain at Edencraft International and see what it means to own, build & ride the legendary Edencraft 233 Formula!

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