Edencraft have been building tough, commercial–grade boats for over 30 years. As a testament to the build quality many early models still work the Australian coast as commercial operators. Second-hand models fetch high prices – considerably more than other models from the same era.


Today Edencraft boats are built with the same unflinching commitment to quality, blending time-honored hull design with modern construction techniques. The original designs have been adapted for modern applications, with wide gunwales, modified helms, dive-doors, wave-breakers, composite materials and transom/pod set ups for the latest 4-stroke and twin engine technology.


The model range includes the legendary 233 Formula (Edencraft has been reproducing the 233 for longer than anyone else in Australia), as well as the timeless six-metre Offshore and the golden child in our fleet, the new 233 Formula Platinum.

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