Joel Ryan

Joel’s boat, Shake ‘n’ Bake, turns heads with black sides, black carbon-fibre wave breaker, stainless-steel armoury and a pair of black 140HP Suzukis. Joel has her permanently hooked up to his black Ford Ranger (with black rims, naturally) waiting for the next hot bite to pop up on Facebook. We’re not quite sure what Joel actually does, but he’s always where the fish are. His rig also took out the 6M Shootout by The Captain Magazine.


Matt Webb

Matt Webb is the director of Malvern AutoTech. He loves diving for crayfish and scallops aboard his 233 Formula with his two sons onboard. Matt says the ride is soft, safe and predictable, and that the twin engines offer an extra safety margin. In a recent test by The Captain Magazine the judges said the rig was a beautiful marriage of design, weight and horsepower – the lightweight four-strokes made the hull sing, sawing through swell and waves.

Dave Compston

Dave fishes offshore – from Port McDonnell in SA all the way to the East Coast. His 6M “Olympic Edition” offshore was built for the Sydney Olympics back in 2000, then later operated as a Victorian Police boat boat on Lake Mulwala. Dave has made plenty of cosmetic changes but he’s never touched the ‘glass work which is as solid as the day it left the factory. His favourite features are the ride, safety and stability at rest.


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