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About Edencraft

Edencraft is more than the boats.
It’s a lifestyle.


It’s the text coming through to your phone with the local knowledge.

It’s making plans and rigging late at night.

It’s the nervous excitement before you beat the sun out of bed in the morning.

Thundering out to the shelf at first light. Losing sight of land & all the worries that accompany it.

It’s you, your mates and the big blue watching the sun climb over the horizon.

While most people haven’t even got out of bed.


Edencraft is tight lines, reels screaming and triple hook-ups.

Fish on.

It’s the epic struggles. The ones that get away.

The trophies you drag through the dive door.

It’s the days catching whiting, snapper & calamari in the bay.

It’s diving for crays in Tassie. It’s chasing marlin off Bermi.

Trolling for Tuna off Portland. Or hunting swords on the East coast.

It’s the days when nothing goes right that make those good days all the more special.

Edencraft is turning for home, the tales getting taller as land gets nearer.

It’s recounting the day’s exploits with a cold beer and good mates.

Edencraft is more than just a boat.

It’s an undying passion. A thirst. A need.

You’ve got it. We’ve got it.

Chase the bite. Ride the legend.


Edencraft 233 Formula in Eden NSW


A bespoke buying experience


Every Edencraft is unique. They’re as unique as the privileged few who own them.

We understand that owning an Edencraft is the realisation of a lifelong dream. It’s our privilege to bring this dream to reality and we don’t take the responsibility lightly.

At Edencraft, we’re obsessed with creating the world’s best trailer boat experience and this starts before your boat has ever hit the water.

Our expert team guide you through the entire process, from your initial enquiry right through to delivery. We ensure you are informed and involved in every key decision with your boat. It’s the only way to ensure your boat perfectly matches your needs.

There’s nobody like you. And there’ll be no other boat like your Edencraft.

Terms and Conditions

“I’ve been a deckhand for over 20 years and I’ve been in every boat under the sun. When I first got in a Formula, I knew that was the boat for me”

Aaron (233 Formula Classic)

“Anything & everything that was asked for was fulfilled there & then on the spot. And the process from start to finish was a joy. And that makes it just incredible”

Ross (6.0m Offshore)

“This is my third boat in seven years…I learnt a lot about what’s good and bad in boats…”

Darren (233 Formula Classic)

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Edencraft, well the name says it all.. ten out of ten customer service, ten out of ten for the boats they build. Made building and buying my boat an absolute pleasure.. highly recommend dealing with Edencraft international.

Frank Ricupito

Went for a run in the 6m offshore and it's like no other boat Iv been in! Very impressed! Can't wait to have one. Ryan, Grant, Red from @redsfishingadventures and all they guys from edencraft were very accomodating and went beyond my expectations with showing me around the factory and a test run and what not. Top notch guys!!

Bryce Eathan Bebendorf

Hi my name is Michael Lynch I own a 6 mtr offshore Edencraft named The Legend. [...] This boat has given me the ability to fish offshore out wide chasing tuna with safety, also in our bay catching snapper and king George whiting with ease. As a owner of other boats the Edencraft surpasses them all with its brilliant handling and is rock solid in any seas.

Michael Lynch
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